machine learning

Training a neural network to predict word embeddings from spelling, and using nearest neighbor search to decode meaning.
A tutorial on applying supervised and unsupervised deep learning methods to calcium imaging. These methods are applicable to other time-series modeling problems.
Some thoughts on residual networks (and skip connections in general), including how to build a wrapper for Keras layers.
Explaining how to use TF-IDF scores for document similarity and applying those to choose documents to cite for particular sentences.
A short post and script regarding using Gensim Word2Vec embeddings in Keras, with example code.
Building on the Recurrent RBM for sequence modeling. This post relates to what I am doing for my Master's thesis.
An in-depth introduction to using Keras for language modeling; word embedding, recurrent and convolutional neural networks, attentional RNNs, and similarity metrics for vector embeddings.
A quick introduction to using Theano for deep learning, from the bare-bones to a full neural network.


Exploring the Land of the Rising Sun for 19 days by train, through Tokyo, Nikko, Sendai, Sapporo, Kyoto, Osaka and Nagoya.
A field guide to traveling to Cuba, written by naive college students for naive college students, mostly as exposition.
Narration from my trip with my girlfriend through Nashville, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, and Washington DC.
Some facts and very sarcastic opinions regarding craft beers that can be bought at the Krogers near my apartment.