Training a neural network to predict word embeddings from spelling, and using nearest neighbor search to decode meaning.
A tutorial on applying supervised and unsupervised deep learning methods to calcium imaging. These methods are applicable to other time-series modeling problems.
Some thoughts on residual networks (and skip connections in general), including how to build a wrapper for Keras layers.
Explaining how to use TF-IDF scores for document similarity and applying those to choose documents to cite for particular sentences.
A short post and script regarding using Gensim Word2Vec embeddings in Keras, with example code.
Building on the Recurrent RBM for sequence modeling. This post relates to what I am doing for my Master's thesis.
An in-depth introduction to using Keras for language modeling; word embedding, recurrent and convolutional neural networks, attentional RNNs, and similarity metrics for vector embeddings.
A quick introduction to using Theano for deep learning, from the bare-bones to a full neural network.